Efergy Showertime Water Saving Monitor

The Claim

The Water Saving Monitor helps you keep track of the water you are using in the shower, with an alarm telling you when you have used your target amount, so you don’t waste water.

How does it work?

Showertime works by gauging the average output of water from your shower and programming it to a timer with an audio alert. By filling the bag provided from your showerhead you can calibrate the unit. Once this is done you can set your own target (eg. 35 litres or 4 minutes). Every time you have a shower, you press the start button, and the gadget lets you know your usage with a little digital display.

How did it work for me?

The Showertime is a lightweight cool looking gadget that gives a bit of a fun looking way to save water. Once again, this product is going to be more useful to those with a water meter, but anyone looking to save water and do their bit for the environment is going to benefit. Using less hot water will obviously cut your energy bills as well since you don’t need to heat water that you are not going to use, so this is another reason to try and cut your water use.

Unfortunately where the device failed for me was that the suction cap didn’t work that well at keeping it in place – I am not sure if it was because the suction cap was not  not big enough to hold the unit in place, but in the 6 weeks that I have had it, it has fallen off the wall about half a dozen times, aside from that though I have no complaints!

But if you remember to use it, this device really does make you aware of how much water you are using. It was really difficult in the past to translate time in the shower with actual litre usage, but now it is really easy to find the exact amount I have used.