Freeloader Classic Solar Charger

The claim

This stylish, portable solar charger gives power to all of the world’s most popular electronic devices. It has the potential to charge an iPhone for 18 hours and a smart phone for 45 hours. Covered in a durable aluminium skin, this freeloader classic solar charge delivers great results while maintaining a pleasing aesthetic feel.

How does it work?

The Freeloader Classic involves three sections, each crucial to its performance. Firstly two solar charging panels are plugged into the central battery system in order to start harnessing the sun’s energy. These panels charge up the battery which is then able to charge electrical appliances through two USB ports. During periods of inactive use, the panels are hooked together, taking the shape of a standard phone, that can be thrown around without any worries due to the aluminium outer coating.

How did it work for me?

Due to my busy lifestyle i frequently find myself in the danger zone of battery power. I hate being out of charge no matter what the gadget is, be it missing a glimpse of a rare whale because my camera is out of battery, failing to catch the last song of my favourite music festival on video, or, much more likely it has to be said, not being able to find my way back to the campsite because my phone is out of juice. Therefore, with each of these solar chargers comes a bubble of excitement felt by all who go long periods without access to a plug socket.

The Freeloader Classic looks fantastic, the smooth aluminium finish didn’t just calm my fears over any potential damage but also gave the product a fantastic finish. The ease in which it is transforms from being a small phone shaped object to charging is great and certain gives this product the edge of it’s competitors. Another brilliant attribute that the Freeloader Classic holds is the small backlight LCD display that shows the current battery level and helps you maintain the most efficient charging methods.

As with all of the Solar Charge gadgets, the efficiency and speed of charge from the sun can be a problem. However the Freeloader Classic is certainly at the top end of the spectrum.