Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Charger

The claim

The Nomad 7 is one of the lightest solar charges around in relation to its output. This product is affordable and self-contained while at the same time does not negatively affect performance.

How does it work?

The sun’s energy is captured by two solar panels, which then charge any device connected via USB. The Nomad 7 also comes with a 12 Volt cigarette adapter that allows you to charge a second electronic gadget. Due to the self-contained nature of this product, there are no loose cables or leads and the pocket allows you to tuck away the device that’s charging, enabling you to easily use the Nomad 7 off the ground.

How did it work for me?

I love the outdoors; there is no better feeling than being away from the concrete jungles and into the wild. However, the obvious stumbling block that makes me come back to civilisation, besides the fact I have to earn money, is that all of my electrical gadgets and gizmos soon run out of charge. Therefore in recent years I have been a keen follower of the acceleration in Solar Chargers. The next one on the list was the Nomad 7.

Firstly before I plugged anything into it to charge, it has a great array of clips and hoops with which to attach it to anything. I have, in the past experienced solar chargers falling off my bike as I cycled along, however this Nomad 7 was never less than firmly secured. It also has a great pocket with which to put your electrical device while it charges. You may think that this is a trivial attribute, but the amount of times that I have had to perilously balance my iPhone or GPS device on unstable ground next to the Solar Charger certainly makes it worthwhile.

Moving onto the performance, however, shows a slightly different result. While it is lightweight, this does in fact damage the performance levels, and I would advise anyone with an iPhone 4 or 5 to stay away. Anytime that I tried to charge my iPhone 4 it would cut out after a few minutes. After a succession of tries I figured out that this was due to a momentary drop in input caused by a shadow being cast over the Nomad 7. One way around this would be to buy the Guide 10 battery pack and run them in tandem, however with competition so high in the Solar Charger market I advise a th