H2O Powered Shower Radio

The claim

A clever shower radio that, when linked in line with the shower hose, uses the power of the water flow to charge an inbuilt battery and produce high quality sound audio.

How does it work?

The pressure of the water traveling through the shower hose turns an inbuilt micro turbine that charges an on-board battery. This battery then powers the radio to play, renewably sourced but powerfully performing, sound audio.

How did it work for me?

I can think of little else better that singing in the shower, although perhaps I can also think of a few people that live with me that would disagree! Blowing the cobwebs away with a cheeky power ballad gets me in the perfect frame of mind for work in the morning. However, with shower radios that I have used in the past the batteries tend to corrode relatively quickly. Therefore I was obviously excited when I heard about the H2O Powered Shower Radio. Using the power of my shower to blare out the tunes or news in the morning sounds ideal, and with no batteries to corrode this must be a durable product.

For me the radio fitted perfectly, however I advise that you check your shower as some may come across difficulties. When it was installed, it worked perfectly providing a strong and clear sound while not negatively influencing the heat and pressure performance of the shower.