The Hotpoint Aqualtis Tumble Dryer


This tumble dryer claims to provide you with 9 kg of dry clothes, not only quickly and quietly, but also efficiently with a staggering A+++ rating. This makes it one of the most all round, energy efficient tumble dryers out there.


This condensing tumble dryer aims to lessen the environmental impact of drying your clothes. Due to the condensing nature of the product, there are no restrictions on where it can be placed. Unlike vented dryers, which require a vent in order for the condensation to escape, the Aqualtis has a water vapour collector within, which is simply removed once full.


The other month I decided to buy a tumble dryer. Now previously I have been put off by the extent to which they use electricity. Obviously I thought this would have a detrimental effect on both my wallet and the environment. However, I recently saw this Hotpoint Aqualtis and along with being fed up of walking into batches of wet clothes drying 5 feet in the air, I decided to go for it.

I was firstly surprised at how quiet and still it is during the drying time, essential, as it seems I’m always drying my clothes when the football comes on (we all know how important the commentary is). Aside from this, the efficiency of the Hotpoint is remarkable and with 16 different settings and variable heat control, everything is covered.

From my calculations, drying a load three times a week will only cost me £35. A pretty good deal for both my wallet and the environment.