Prestige 1.7 L Eco Kettle.


Save Energy, Save Time, Save Money, Save Water. Performance mixed with high quality design and environmental focus rocketed the Prestige 1.7 litre Eco kettle to the Which? best buy, June 2012.

The Prestige is a kettle full of style, elegance, power and efficiency. It highlights the exact volume you require, so you never have to heat that extra unused cup of water again.


Using a powerful 300W heating element, water contained in the large 1.7 litre core is rapidly heated up giving you boiling water in under a minute. Using a state of the art temperature measurement system, the prestige switches off just at the point of boiling, ensuring that no pointless electricity is expended. The kettle also sits upon a base that allows full 360-degree rotation, making it the perfect kitchen appliance for the left or right-hander


I can’t live without my cup of coffee in the morning; this means that my kettle gets quite a lot of use. I began to get concerned when I started noticing and taking into account the amount of excess water I seemed to be boiling each time I flicked the kettle on. Therefore I decided to purchase a kettle that told me exactly, to the cup, how much water I required.

This is where the Prestige came in with its environmental focus. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I found the kettle had more in its ‘Eco locker’ than just an illuminating volume measurer. With its devilishly modern good looks, rapid boiling time and instant switch off as soon as the water boils, there was no looking back and it soon took pride of place in my kitchen (next to my Prestige toaster). On top of the Eco features there is also the added safety of a boil-dry safety cut out as well as it being lightweight and sturdy, winner winner chicken dinner.

Therefore gone are the days of endless, gormless stares at old kettles chugging their way to 100oc, to then find you only use half the water anyway, now with a flick of a switch I barely have time to get my mug out before it completes its task.