Radiator Booster MK3 Compact

The claim

The radiator booster improves the circulation of air around the radiator, helping to increase the effectiveness of the emitted heat and therefore saving up to £140 on your heating bills by lowering consumption. It can pay for itself in as little as 8 weeks.

How does it work?

Using a series of mini fans, the Radiator booster circulates patches of hot air that are trapped behind a radiator. Once the temperature of the radiator reaches 30C, the fans automatically switch on, sucking up hot air and circulating it around the room.

How did it work for me?

I do sometimes feel that my radiators are not working as efficiently as they perhaps could do, and therefore I was curious when I saw the Radiator Booster concept. If it was able to circulate the hot air trapped behind the radiator then surely I wouldn’t need to have my thermostat set quite so high and I would therefore save money on my energy bills.

It was easy to set up, just a simple plug-in and place, and seemed to fit in well with the room. The real test would obviously take place when the radiators were on and above the 30C required to turn the boosters on. While I have to say I could hear the immediate moment that they came on, I soon got used to the very faint ‘whirring’ noise and any television or music being played drowns out the sound completely.

I set up a series of thermometers around the room and took readings before and after the radiator booster was installed. While I didn’t particularly notice any obvious differences in the temperature before looking at the results, they clearly showed a positive change of around 2C.

Negatives: Obvious sound issues may be a concern to many; along with the potentially negative view many people may hold towards their aesthetic feel. They also require a plug socket within a sensible distance from the radiator.

Positives: The increase in temperature consistency throughout the room cannot be ignored, and the savings that these can lead to may be worth the negatives.