USB Cell Rechargeable Batteries

The claim

Standard batteries are not energy efficient, while most rechargeable ones are expensive and a pain to charge. This product is, obviously, the same size as standard AA batteries and can be charged by flicking open the top to reveal the USB port connector. In as little as 5 hours these batteries charge to 90%, compared with other rechargeable batteries having to be on charge overnight.

How does it work?

Most rechargeable batteries have to be plugged into a mains socket for over 8 hours in order to gain maximum charge. However, these clever batteries have inbuilt USB port connectors that allow you charge them through laptops and other devices with a USB port. When the battery runs out, all that is required is to flip open the top revealing the USB port connector and plug it in.

How did it work for me?

As a self confessed hater of batteries, as mentioned in my review of the Eton Soulra XL iPhone/iPod Solar Charged Speaker, I love seeing anything that doesn’t require the constant and environmentally harmful, replacing of dead batteries. Therefore when I came across the USB Cell Rechargeable Batteries I was shocked that this idea had not been in fruition earlier. The idea is simple yet effective. While it does the same job as standard rechargeable batteries, it does not require extra parts essential for charging. All that you need to do to charge up the batteries is to flip open the lid to reveal the USB connector port and plug it into any electrical item. I tend to plug it into my laptop and find it charges 100% in a little over 7 hours, but 90% in 5.