Wahl EcoLogyk ZX825 1.5 Litre Eco Kettle

The Claim

The kettle is supposed to use 60% less energy than a conventional kettle, by better controlling the amount of water being boiled. The kettle has 2 compartments and releases only the required amount of water into the boiling compartment, preventing waste. 

How does it work?

You can fill the kettle with up to 1.5 litres of water, but you then control how much is sent to the boiling compartment via a knob. The kettle can boil up to 800ml of water at any one time. It is a simple idea, but often the simple ideas are the best.

How did it work for me?

I had to buy a new kettle after moving into my new apartment. It seemed sensible to try a model like this since the price point was fair for a kettle, and I hoped to save a bit of money on my electricity bill.

The first thing to say is that the kettle is quite bulky, it might not be ideal for the frail or elderly who tend to find heavy appliances difficult to handle, conversely though it looks well built, much better than those budget kettles you can get on the highstreet.

It isn’t too noisy and boils the water fairly quickly, which is a big advantage for the impatient among us. I guess this is because I am not overfilling anymore.

The reservoir on the kettle is fairly large and can hold plenty of water, which is nice as you don’t need to keep topping the water up every time you use it. Unfortunately for larger households, or when you have a lot of company, you might find yourself having to boil 2 lots of water, as 800ml doesn’t stretch past 3 or 4 cups!

A minor quibble I think, as the vast majority of the time it is plenty enough for a few cups of tea or to boil some water for cooking. Without putting a meter on it to check how much energy I am saving, it is difficult to give figures, but it is self evident that this model definitely saves some energy and is probably worth it in the long run, if you can get past those little annoyances.