WaterGreen Drought Buster

The Claim

The Watergreen is a syphon that allows you to remove greywater from sinks and baths and put it into your water butt or storage device.

How does it work?

The WaterGreen Syphon Pump is simply a 3.5m tube with a built in syphon primer bulb and a standard hosepipe fitting on the end. You just put one end in the bath and the other connected to a hosepipe, through your bathroom window. The water can then be syphoned off into a water butt or used straight on the garden.

How did it work for me?

For those of us on water meters, saving water can be really worthwhile. This device helps move your greywater to where it can be reused in a straightforward and practical manner, at a price point much cheaper than an expensive drainage system. It’s also ideal for those who just want to save their water and ‘do your bit’ in times of drought.

It might be a bit fiddly to get used to sticking a hose out of your window, but it really does work better than other techniques, and the syphon works really well. As long as the end of the pipe is a few feet below the bath in terms of height, the water will drain away in a few minutes. I found that this takes a bit of getting used to, but it does work quite well, especially out of the first floor window.

Who is this going to be useful for? Those of us with gardens to water, frequent users of the bath and those on water meters are going to see the payoff the most. And it is the sort of product you have to make a bit of an effort with – not an install and forget bit of tech, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be really useful.

It is advised not to use the water on edible crops or to store it for too long, as it can start to smell in warmer weather.