Smart Homes grants are ending soon so act fast!

The Smart Homes scheme is a fantastic offer if you live in any of the following 6 boroughs – Haringey, Islington, Camden, Waltham Forest, Hackney or Enfield

In a nutshell, the scheme allows anyone who lives in a solid wall property to access a £6k grant to help cover the cost of insulating his or her home, with external or internal wall insulation.

Tell your neighbours about the Smart Homes Scheme!

We have been involved with this scheme since its inception and it is amazing how many people have already jumped up and taken advantage of it – however we want to help spread the word further and would love it if you could to!

So here is what you need to know about Smart Homes!

    • Check whether you have a solid brick home! You can do this in two ways – the first is to look at any exposed brickwork. If it matches the pattern on the picture (the right hand one of the two!) then you are good to go.cavityThe other way of telling if your home has solid walls is by finding out when it was built. If the home was built pre-1930 then it is likely that you have solid walls too!
    • Provided you have solid walls, you are eligible for a grant, up to a maximum of £6,000, to help cover the cost of insulating your house. The grant can cover 75% of the works, so if the total cost of the job was £8,000 then you would get the maximum available – if the job cost £6,000 then you would get £4,500 as a grant.
    • If you want to go ahead the first thing to do is get yourself a Green Deal Assessment – under Smart Homes we can carry these out for £50+VAT so call us if you would like to organise one! You also need to get yourself a quote for the works from a member of the Smart Homes scheme (we can provide that too!)
    • If you are happy with the price, then we can get the application process started.
    • This grant is going to run out soon (we think within the next 4-6 weeks) – so if you think you might be eligible then get in touch now to secure your grant.
    • The Smart Homes scheme is a council led scheme made possible through the Green Deal Community fund and all works carried out under it are backed by a 25-year Government backed guarantee.

As we have mentioned, we have had word the scheme is ending soon, so if you want to secure your free Smart Homes grant call us now to get the ball rolling – 0208 144 0897.

Considering re-rendering your property?

Re-rendering your property is not a cheap thing to do – especially if you want it to be done well! Normally when houses are externally insulated you use render to finish off the job anyway, which protects the underlying insulation.

This means that under this scheme, you can re-render your home and insulate it at the same time AND get a £6,000 grant towards the costs. We heard back from a customer whose solid walls we insulated in the summer of last year and his energy bills have halved as a result (3 bed semi-detached house), so the annual energy savings will quickly cover the cost of any financial outlay anyway!

SO take our advice – move quickly. Call us today on 0208 144 0897 if you live in Haringey, Islington, Camden, Waltham Forest, Hackney or Enfield and want to get involved with the Smart Homes Scheme. We can then get your home insulated ahead of the Autumn and before the cold weather begins to set in again.

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