Summer Energy Saving

The Green Room: What happens when you put two energy experts in a room and ask them their top tips for energy saving this summer? The weather is hotting up and so are we as we ask what are the best ways to stay cool and save energy in these (sometimes) sunny months, which energy-saving renovations are best done now, and what projects you can do yourself. We also discuss some more…. experimental ideas 😂

– Replace all your hot incandescent bulbs with low energy LEDs
– Close curtains and blinds at night or in rooms you’re not using – the sun rises early and can overheat the room before you’re even awake
– Hot water jackets prevent the heat leaching out from the water (where you want it) to the rest of your home (where you definitely don’t)
– Tumble dryers take a lot of energy and kick out a lot of heat. It’s time to dry your clothes outdoors!

Watch the rest of the episode for many, many more ideas on how to beat the heat and save your hard earned cash.

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