Domestic EPC

In this section we are going to look at domestic Energy Performance Certificates:

  • what they involve
  • what they look like
  • the significance of the rating
  • the cost
  • how to get one carried out

What is involved in a domestic EPC?

A domestic energy assessor will visit your property to carry out a survey to begin the process. This is usually a brief visit, depending on the size of the dwelling in question. They will take measurements to produce a simple floor plan of the property, take some photographic evidence of things like insulation and the heating system, and make notes ready to enter this information into a government-approved software package. Most assessors will go away and pull together the EPC in the office, sending the report back to the client within 48 hours or so.

Why would you get a domestic EPC?

There are a couple of reasons why you might choose to get a domestic EPC. The first is that you will need one if you are planning to sell your house. Prospective buyers may be more likely to make an offer if the property has a good rating. The other is that it gives you information about your property that can help you improve its efficiency and save you money on your bills.

The certificate is valid for 10 years, but if you make big changes you will need to get a new EPC, as the improvements will not be reflected in the new one.

What does the EPC look like?

EPCs for domestic properties are really straightforward documents that give an energy rating from G to A, with a numeric scale to give a more precise figure. The scale is pretty self-explanatory, with G being a very poor rating, and A being an excellent rating. The average rating across all UK dwellings is around 60 (D).

The EPC document is 4 pages long, with some basic information about the property, breaking down the performance of the walls, windows, roof, heating etc. It also includes information on the heat demand of the property, the environmental impact of the property, and information on the assessor who has carried out the EPC.

How much does a domestic EPC cost?

EPCs do not have a set cost, and it will vary from company to company. At the bottom end of the market, some companies will offer EPCs for £30, whilst others may charge £100. Our partners at London EPC have prices starting at £45 for a 1-bed flat. We strongly encourage you to steer clear of the ultra-low end of the market, as these companies often subcontract to assessors and you may end up waiting a long time for a visit, getting lots of cancelled appointments, and get a low quality EPC that does not fairly reflect the property.

How do you get a domestic EPC?

Getting an EPC is really easy. You can find an assessor on the EPC register, which is a government database of all issued EPCs and all qualified assessors. If you are in London and the South East, you can try contacting London EPC, our partner company, who will carry out your EPC quickly and efficiently.

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