The Week in Energy

EDF Announces Second Hike in 3 Months

Prices are once again set to rise for customers of energy giant EDF, who have blamed wholesale energy costs for the new 6% increase to their prices. The last EDF energy tariff increase occurred only last month.

World’s First Vegan Electricity Tariff Launched in UK

Energy supplier Ecotricity has launched a world first ‘vegan energy’ here in the UK by rejecting anaerobic digestion and biomass, both of which are prone to contain animal by-products. The announcement is endorsed by the The Vegan Society, the longest running vegan charity in the world.

UK Goes 1,000 Hours Without Coal

The UK has reached 1,000 hours of coal-free hours so far this year, marking a huge jump from 624 coal-free hours in 2017, and 210 hours in 2016. This number is expected to grow significantly in the second half of the year, with the planned closure in September of a Yorkshire coal plant and one in Northern Ireland.

A Record Number of Energy Consumers Switch to Smaller Suppliers

The rule of the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers might be coming to an end, with nearly half of all customers that switched providers last month deciding to move across to smaller firms. The Big Six now have a record low combined market share.

London Mayor Launches £500m Energy Efficiency Fund

Sadiq Khan has launched a £500m fund to help organisations across the capital to install energy efficiency measures as part of his plan to make London a zero-carbon city by 2050. Those who could benefit include hospitals, museums, offices, libraries, social housing, universities, public buildings and small businesses.

Job Vacancy: The Queen Needs an Energy and Environment Manager

The job has been advertised to help bring down the £1.1m cost of heating Buckingham Palace; apply for the position here. And if you don’t hear from us again, it’s because we’ve gone to teach Liz and Phil about draught-proofing.


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