The Truth About Nuclear Power

The Green Room: What happens when you put two energy experts in a room and ask them to get to the bottom of nuclear power. We take you through all the big questions of nuclear power. Doesn’t nuclear waste harm the environment? Isn’t nuclear power expensive? Aren’t nuclear plants dangerous? GreenAge, are you crazy?! We’re discussing it all.


Nuclear power is complicated because it creates energy at the atomic level, and there are several different types of nuclear reactor. In laymans terms, we split atoms to create heat, which we use to boil water, which creates steam, that we use to turn turbines, and create electricity.


The safety of using nuclear power and the dangers if something were to go wrong. We look at the tragedies of Chernobyl and Fukushima and compare them to the loss of life associated with other energy sources.

The environmental impact of nuclear power is another hotly debated topic, so we go through the lifecycle of the nuclear reactor. Our third big talking point for nuclear power is all about the dangers of nuclear reactors in the wrong hands.

The threat of terrorism is a huge deterrent against nuclear power for many people, as is the danger that the use of nuclear energy may lead to many more nuclear weapons. We talk through why this may not necessarily be true.

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