The Week in Energy 10/10/2018

Renewable energy is growing too slow to meet climate goals, International Energy Agency warns

Renewable energy will continue to grow rapidly over the next five years, but not enough to meet long-term climate and sustainability goals, the International Energy Agency warns.

UK Power Reserve and Fluence to build 120MW battery storage fleet

UK Power Reserve confirms plans for new wave of battery storage projects following success at 2016 Capacity Market auction.

Surge in number of people falling behind with council tax and energy bills as households feel the strain, charity warns

StepChange says that over 30 per cent of new clients in the first half of the year were in debt to their council, while 13.4 per cent were behind on a gas or electricity bill.

Ørsted granted initial approval to double giant UK offshore wind farm

The proposed Race Bank Extension project would be located adjacent to the existing wind farm and generate another 573MW of electricity – enough to power 500,000 homes.

Would a publicly-owned energy company reduce gas and electric bills in Scotland?

A new publicly-owned energy provider might not offer Scots the best deal if it is simply a “white label” venture, Citizens Advice Scotland has said.

Ovo Energy profits crushed ahead of price cap pain

Ovo’s profit hit has emerged ahead of the Government’s crackdown on standard variable energy tariffs, which make up around a quarter of Ovo’s 800,00 strong customer base.


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