The Week in Energy 14/11/2018

UK renewables capacity overtakes fossil fuels for first time

Britain has reached a major green milestone as the total capacity available from renewable sources has overtaken fossil fuels for the first time.

Energy efficiency rules set to cost landlords up to £3,500

As many as 200,000 UK landlords will face bills of up to £3,500 to upgrade homes that are energy inefficient from next year, under regulations announced by the government on Monday.

Energy bills likely to rise next year despite government price cap

Energy prices are likely to rise just three months after the government’s price cap takes effect on 1 January, Ofgem has admitted.

Public opposition to fracking in the UK has fallen

That’s according to the latest BEIS Public Attitude Tracker (PAT), which is now on its 26th wave of finding out what the public think about a variety of energy issues.

Drilling starts for ‘hot rocks’ power in Cornwall

Drilling work is beginning at what may become the first deep geothermal power plant in the UK.

Iceland’s Christmas advert banned from TV for being too political

A major campaign for the discount store has been banned – after it was deemed to have breached political impartiality rules.

Smartphones are damaging the environment faster than we thought

Researchers at McMaster University have discovered, with smartphones being one of the worst causes of environmental damage.

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