The Week in Energy 24/10/2018

Scottish Power becomes first major UK energy company to generate all electricity from wind

‘We are leaving carbon generation behind for a renewable future powered by cheaper green energy’

UK announces £40m fund to support cleantech companies

The Clean Growth Fund will support companies seeking to commercialise ‘promising innovative’ green solutions

Amazon invests in UK solar project

Amazon has this week announced its investment into two renewable initiatives; a US recycling scheme and a solar project in the UK.

All UK homes must be renovated to meet climate targets, says IET report

A nationwide programme to upgrade the energy efficiency of existing homes is essential for the UK to achieve its carbon saving goals.

A third of UK businesses are now generating their own power

Businesses are generating their own electricity in a bid to cut costs and save the planet. More than one in three businesses now produce at least some of their own electricity.

A third of dual fuel tariffs will exceed government price cap

Around a third of dual fuel energy tariffs will leave customers paying more than the government’s price cap when it takes effect at the end of the year.


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