The Week in Energy & Environment 23/01/2019

Scottish energy consumers ‘paying over the odds’

Switching energy supplier could save each household in Scotland £150 annually, according to Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS).

Energy switching figures hit new record in 2018

Figures published this week show that 2018 was a “record year” for switching, with over 5.8 million making a change.

Watchdog prepares to hike price cap on energy by £125 – wiping out savings just months after it came in

Industry sources said regulator Ofgem is preparing to announce an 11 per cent increase to the cap on February 7, with the higher costs due to hit household bills from April.

Draft bill offers chance to transform UK environmental policy

The government’s draft environment bill could be the most important piece of environmental legislation for a generation, says Matthew Farrow.

UK could face energy crisis as Hitachi halts work on £20million nuclear power plant in Wales

Brits could face energy bill hikes if a new nuclear power station isn’t operating by 2030 when almost all existing plants are due to come offline

Founders of plastic waste alliance ‘investing billions in new plants’

European NGO says firms are likely to be at centre of global boom in plastic production

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