The Week in Energy & Environment 30/01/2019

Thousands of households now eligible for cold weather payments as freezing temperatures and snow hits the UK

Around 4,000 households in Scotland are among the first to be paid cold weather payments this winter but this could rise as the freezing weather continues.

Could bioenergy help reduce energy bills?

The Renewable Energy Association has launched a review into the future of bioenergy and is seeking views on its potential

UK has biggest fossil fuel subsidies in the EU, finds commission

Subsidies for coal, oil and gas are not falling despite EU pledges to tackle climate change.

Energy bills could rise by £100 a year after price cap is revised

Energy bills could soon rise by up to £100 a year as regulators are expected to announce a significant hike to the price cap on default gas and electricity tariffs, just weeks after its introduction.

Why Independent U.K. Energy Suppliers Are Collapsing At An Alarming Rate

A mere five years ago rising numbers of U.K. independent energy suppliers were hailed as upstarts bringing much needed competition to the British energy supply market.

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