TheGreenAge: proud sponsors of The Apprentice-winning boiler installers…

We recently sponsored the Boiler Installer of the Year category at the East of England Energy Efficiency and Retrofit Awards. We are always delighted to be involved in the Awards, which set the standard for the industry. The winner of this particular category was none other than 2015’s The Apprentice champion, Joseph Valente!

Having left school at 15 to become a plumber, he has quickly become a big name in the industry. He founded ImpraGas with his winnings from the programme, going into business with Lord Sugar. ImpraGas’s has set itself apart as a business with its adoption of smart technology, improving service for customers and speeding up administrative processes. Valente’s model sees everything done online, with live updates on when to expect your engineer to arrive, and even the option of surveys and quotations via FaceTime and Skype, meaning the days of hanging around the house waiting for the plumber are gone.

The digital technology used means feedback can be given almost instantly online, so ImpraGas can focus on improving its business and processes. Valente is also keen to encourage customers to embrace smart technology, giving them more control over their heating systems, and often saving themselves money as a result.

In an industry that unfortunately can have a bad reputation in terms of reliability and trustworthiness, he has obviously set himself out from the crowd. Joseph’s innovation and eye for detail make it easy to see why he won.

It’s always nice to see people being rewarded for thinking outside of the box, so we’re glad to have been able to help out in a small way!

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