TheGreenAge team goes to CeBIT!

TheGreenAge @ Code_n

Hi guys, James and I, are on our way home from Code_n competition at CeBIT, Hannover, Europe’s premier Technology and IT fair.

We took part in the Code_n competition, which for two years now has showcased innovative and sustainable start-ups. The competition bought together the final 50 start-ups from across the world all aiming to be the coveted champion and take home the winning cheque!

TheGreenAge only launched in early 2012, and we are pleased to be getting such early recognition as a hub of choice for consumers when it comes to offering them energy efficiency advice. Also we were the only company representing the UK in this fantastic competition. The winning cheque went to a great company taking spare capacity from Data Centres and using this to allow companies to work in the cloud in a much more efficient way. In addition to the winner, my personal favourite was the electric helicopter (the world’s first capable of carrying a person). The thought of making my commute like that would make me feel very much like 007!

The event was the first real opportunity we had on the big stage to promote what we were doing and it seemed our concept for TheGreenAge went down very well. I think we have also managed to forge some interesting partnerships that I hope will start bearing fruit in the near future.

Our stand visitors were also very interested to hear about the Green Deal, as many people we spoke to are very interested in saving money on their bills; but the mechanism to achieve this across Europe, currently seems to be prohibitively expensive. They were genuinely impressed with what our Government were trying to do to support the energy efficiency of our housing stock.

Code_n also gave Nick and I, our first chance to present in front of a large audience. Aside from being incredibly nervous before we went up, it actually went rather well, and we saw significant footfall to our booth as a result. I was slightly upset that I looked like a skater boy, having to wear my Code_n t-shirt over my jumper, but this was forced onto me at the last minute by the organisers!!

For both Nick and I, this was our first chance to attend a commercial fair, and CeBIT really didn’t disappoint. Some of the new technologies we got a glimpse of are sure to change the world we live in. To be in amongst some of these of these technologies and ideas at the event was a really great privilege.

I am very hopeful that TheGreenAge will be invited to be a part of such events again going forward, and I think as time goes on, more and more people will see exactly what we are trying to offer to consumers.

Author: Nicholas Miles

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