Tips for choosing the best window installer

The double-glazing industry has suffered from a pretty bad reputation over the years mainly due to the high pressure selling techniques used by many companies that sell it. From door-knocking, to window offers too good to be true, it is difficult to know whom to trust and as importantly it is difficult to gauge whether you are in fact getting a good deal.

How much should new double glazed windows cost?

The first thing is that you should have a very approximate figure in your head so you have something to compare against.

So to give you a helping hand, we reckon an average sized uPVC sash window will cost about £700 to buy and install. A wooden sash window will cost about £1,400 again to install and fit. If you want a simpler double glazed uPVC window the price can be as low as £400 per unit.

We would always recommend getting windows installed professionally

We know there are some serious DIY enthusiasts out there – we speak to them on a daily basis, but to fit a double glazed unit is not easy. Please pay for a professional to do this – not only will they do it correctly, they will also be liable if anything goes wrong!

How to pick the best window installer

It is difficult to avoid double-glazing advertising on the TV or radio, with promises of massive energy savings and ½ price windows (indefinitely it seems), but in terms of picking an installer the first thing is to make sure they are either FENSA or CERTASS certified. If the window installer doesn’t fall under one of these two bodies – look elsewhere. That is our number 1 piece of advice!

Be aware that if you go with one of the big boys – Everest, Anglian, Safestyle, you are going to be paying more for your windows. That is not to say they are bad – in fact they are very good, but they can get away with charging more to install your new windows.

A small local window installer can still do a quality job and cost far less that the larger double-glazing installers, but we would suggest checking them out before going with them. That involves making sure they have been in the business for a while (we recommend 10 years or more), but we also appreciate that new companies do form and they need to be given a chance. Getting recommendations from friends and family is also a sensible way to go, invariably if they had a good service, then you should get the same. It is also worth seeing some of their work, so ask them for some references and see if you can visit any local properties to see the windows that have been installed to see you are happy with the finished look.

Don’t sign up to anything straight away!

One of the key selling techniques of a double-glazing company will be to try and get you to sign up to their offer by the time they leave the house. This will require you paying a huge deposit to secure the ‘deal of a lifetime’. Ignore their hard sales talk!

Get the salesman to leave the property and then let them know you will get in touch when you have made your decision. We really wouldn’t recommend paying any more than a 30% deposit too – so if they are pushing for more, tell them you will look elsewhere.

In the end you want to be sure you are getting good quality windows at reasonable value. Make sure you get multiple quotes for any double-glazing you are considering, definitely don’t go with the first company that you get to come round!

Think we missed something? Do you have a different opinion?

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