Why ventilate windows?

Do I need window vents?

It’s all very well us ensuring our homes are energy efficient, but sometimes we are so obsessed with keeping heat in, we forget the importance of ventilation. The better insulated your house is, the more airtight it is – but all properties need some fresh air!

Why is it important to ventilate windows?

Ensuring your home is well ventilated means it is less at risk of condensation and problems arising from damp. As well as looking ugly, mould can affect your health. You probably don’t want a stuffy house either! Indoor air pollution can be worse than outdoor air pollution.

There are three types of ventilation:

    1. Purge – open a window to rapidly circulate air around the home
    2. Extraction – using a fan to control air circulation
    3. Background – a small ventilation opening that allows a continuous (but small) influx of fresh air from outside. This is what trickle vents do.

What is a trickle vent?

A trickle vent is a slider at the top of your window which allows you to open or close a small opening in the window and let air in and out. This means you can keep your windows shut while ensuring a steady flow of fresh air.

Trickle vents can be a great option because they don’t compromise security, nor the warmth of your home, unlike opening windows or doors. They can be especially worthwhile in a kitchen or bathroom, where there is more steam being generated.

Do I need trickle vents?

It depends how well your house is currently ventilated and if you have other solutions in place. Of course, trickle vents won’t appeal to everyone and there are other options.

In most cases, they can be retro-fitted into wooden windows, so you can keep the look you like. This can be expensive, however. Basically, our advice is: if you are buying new uPVC windows, ensure they have trickle vents. It’s not always a matter of personal preference – if your current windows already have trickle vents, you are not allowed under building regulations to change install new ones without.

Installing new windows

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