What is PAS 2080?

May 2016 saw the launch of a new standard for carbon reduction in the construction industry, PAS (Publicly Available Specification) 2080. PAS 2080 was introduced to increase understanding of whole life carbon management within infrastructure (water, energy, transport, communications and waste). PAS 2080 provides a guidance document containing practical advice and case studies to help organisations implement the PAS, together with current articles on the subjects concerned. It encompasses information on monitoring and managing greenhouse gas emissions and setting targets to reduce them.

How can I get PAS 2080?

It is available to buy online, and costs £100.

Do I need PAS 2080 to carry on working in industry?

No – it’s not mandatory, but it could benefit your company in a number of ways.

Why might PAS 2080 benefit me?

It is thought that ‘PAS 2080-ready’ businesses could gain more work in the UK, with clients keen to improve efficiency and reduce their environmental footprints.

PAS 2080 could help companies in gaining work overseas, as experience of the carbon management principles contained in the guide will be looked upon favourably by economies seeking to meet their international carbon reduction commitments

It is hoped that, as the world’s first low carbon infrastructure specification, PAS 2080 could lead to the creation of an international standard (ISO).

Giving organisations better knowledge of carbon management so they can commit to reducing their footprint can only be a good thing!

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