Where do I find my MPAN number?

What is my MPAN number?

The MPAN number is the unique identifier for the electricity meter in your home. It is normally required when swapping between energy suppliers, so the old and new energy companies can move over your account.

It is also required when you apply for Green Deal finance, since the energy company needs to know which electricity meter needs to have Green Deal finance attached to it.

The MPAN number is an acronym for Meter Point Administration Number, but the energy companies also commonly refer to it as the Supply Number or S-Number.

How do I find my MPAN number on my Electricity Meter?

The MPAN number should be easily visible on any energy bill you get through from your energy supplier. It normally has a big ‘S’ on the left hand side, followed by 2 rows of numbers – you can see my MPAN number below – taken directly from my bill.

MPAN NumberThe bottom row of figures (13 digits in total) is referred to as the Core MPAN and is the number you will need to either swap supplier or apply for Green Deal finance.

The top row of numbers gives a prospective supplier the additional detail they need to provide you a quote (including the Profile class, Meter time switch code and fine loss factor code if you are interested!).

Unfortunately since people only tend to need the MPAN number to swap suppliers, your existing energy supplier will tend to try to hide the MPAN number on the bill by making it very small – however they are legally obliged to include it, so it should be there!

If you don’t have access to any of your energy bills, you can ring up your energy supplier and they will provide it.

Please note you will not find the MPAN number on your electricity meter!

The MPRN number – you Gas meter unique Identifier

M number for gas meterThe MPRN number (Meter Point Reference Number) is basically the equivalent to the MPAN number but for your gas supply.

The number is typically 8-10 digits long and is proceeded by a big ‘M’ before it – much like the ‘S’ number above.

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