Best ways to heat your home – Infrared panels?

Our view – infrared heating

If you are off gas grid, infrared heating can be a really effective, stylish and efficient way to heat your home. Compared to the convection based heating systems it offers a really great alternative. Unfortunately, the cost of infrared is a fair bit higher than standard electric panel heaters, but they will provide a much better heating of the home and save you money in the long run. Here are our top 10 advantages of infrared.

Three reasons to choose infrared heating

    • They are clean and easy to fit.
    • Take up less room and are much better looking than storage heaters or wall heaters.
    • Heats surfaces rather than the air, making it great for allergy sufferers and producing a more even, efficient heating of the room.


How does infrared work?

There is an extensive blog here. The key point is that infrared heats surfaces rather than the air like a convection heater. This creates a more even, efficient heat than a standard heater.

How to size your infrared heating panels

It is really important to get the right size of panel. Too small and it won’t heat the room effectively, whilst too big and your room will overheat. Make sure you take a look at our sizing guide and get a good quality thermostat to help control the temperature. Remember that placement of the panels is really important. Some rooms will be suited to a wall mount, whilst others will be better off with a ceiling mount.

You also need to choose the right style for each room. There is a wide range of styles and finishes, as well as a budget and premium model of the panel, so decide carefully what will suit your home.

What is the cost of infrared heating?

Infrared heaters vary a lot in price, with prices starting at about £150 for a basic 300-watt panel to £1,500 for a bigger 1,200-watt mirror panel. If you are heating a whole house, the cost of infrared is going to be very similar to installing storage heaters but cheaper than a whole new wet central heating system. For a cost comparison with infrared heating and other electric heating with a new build, two-bedroom semi-detached house click here.

What funding is available for infrared?

Unfortunately, there is currently no funding available, but companies like Jigsaw Infrared are conducting studies to support the energy-efficient nature of the IR. You will need to self-fund if you wish to go ahead with infrared. To make the most of the efficiency of the Infrared panels it is possible to combine them with Solar PV panels. Solar PV currently qualifies for the VAT reduction as do the batteries when installed together.

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