Which is better: chimney sheep or chimney balloon?

As chimneys are designed to draw air up and out of a building, lots of heat can be lost in this way. Blocking it with a draught excluder can be a good quick fix to keep you warm and stop you wasting money on extra heating.
Until fairly recently, the chimney balloon was the only option. Now, however, there is competition from the Chimney Sheep. Made in Cumbria, they are a high quality, eco-friendly alternative.

Plastic chimney balloons work on some level, but they have several flaws. They can be fiddly and messy to install. They are also prone to puncturing. We have also heard from people who claim chimney balloons have led to damp. Chimneys are there for ventilation so it figures that if they are blocked, your house doesn’t breathe like it should. This can lead to condensation and mildew – not nice.

The Chimney Sheep is made from 100% wool, apart from the recycled plastic handle. The handle means there is less mess as you don’t have to wave your arms around up the chimney! It’s washable and inexpensive. It also won’t deflate over time, should last for years and the removable head is biodegradable. It also muffles wind noise and stops stops wildlife and debris falling down your chimney. Perfect!

For all these reasons, we think the Chimney Sheep is a better option. You can buy them by clicking on the link.


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