External Solid Wall Insulation – Brockley, London
  • Increased efficiency rating: from 57 to 69
  • Estimated savings of £395 per year
  • Protection from rising energy prices
  • £4,000 Cashback - acheived through a Green Deal Assessment

Mr. Archer will now benefit from a near total external solid wall insulation of around 100mm, which has reduced the U-Value down to 0.3 W/m2K. This has increased his EPC rating from 57 to a remarkable 69 – nine above the UK average. His estimated savings will be just under £400 per year – not too shabby.

The External solid wall insulation installation includes the following:

    • 90mm of insulation fixed onto existing walls and render
    • reinforced mesh bedded in render
    • silicone 1.5mm grain topcoat patterned smooth

What are some of the additional benefits of solid wall insulation

In the summer, a well insulated property is nice and cool. So, if there are many hot and sunny days, in July and August, the walls of the house will reduce the adverse effects of high solar radiance into the internal parts, ensuring you can put your feet up and stay comfortable.

The top coat render is self cleaning, which means the outside of your house will require little or no additional maintenance over the course of the lifetime of the system. However always check with the system designer for any specific maintenance requirements.

Finally a well insulated house opens up the possibilities to look at other efficient heating systems or renewable technologies. We would always recommend insulating the home first, before you install an air source heat pump or even putting up solar PV. Even though solar PV produces electricity and is not related to heat retention, money is actually better spent on improving the thermal efficiency of your home first.

If you would like to discuss solid wall insulation and would like more information about systems, installation processes or other areas, please give us a ring on 0208 144 0897 or send an email to enquiries@thegreenage.co.uk.