Green Deal Boiler and Solar PV Install – Crystal Palace London
  • New Boiler under the Green Deal
  • £270 Green Deal cashback
  • Solar PV system producing electricity
  • Energy Rating increase from E to D

Mrs Potter will now benefit from, not only two brand new condensing boilers under the Green Deal, but also a fantastic Solar Photovoltaic (PV) array on her roof. This has increased the EPC rating from an E 45 to a D 60. What’s more, is that she was able to get £270 Green Deal cashback on her boilers and thermostatic controls by having a Green Deal Assessment.

Due to her energy efficiency rating reaching a ‘D’, because of the boiler replacements and the Solar PV, she is now able to claim the full FiT rate.

New Condensing Boiler and Thermostatic Control System under the Green Deal

    • 2 x new condensing boilers with efficiency ratings of over 90%
    • Replacing old, none-condensing boilers with 74% efficiency
    • Saving £513 per year – £256.50 per boiler
    • Thermostatic radiator valves on all radiators
    • Saving £91 per year

More about the Solar PV system and the Feed-in-Tariff:

Because of the ‘D’ rated energy efficiency rating of the property the higher rate of 14.35 comes into play. This means that she will be paid 14.35p for each of the estimated 2836 kWh of electrical generation each year, totalling around £410.

Mrs Potter will then be paid for 50% of that generation as ‘export’, being paid 4.67p of (2836 kWh x 0.5) around £67

The further savings will be the electricity used straight from the panels, lets say 50%, as that means she doesn’t have to buy it from the grid. Therefore (2386 kWh x 0.5) x her current price of electricity, lets say 15p. Around £212

Solar PV summary:

    • A beautiful array of Solar PV panels
    • 3.84 kW capacity
    • Generating an estimated 2836 kWh per year
    • F.i.T generation means that earns £407 per year
    • 50% export back to the grid means a further £66.22 per year
    • 50% used means further savings of £212 per year