Air Source Heat Pump and Solar PV Installation – Ealing, London
  • Customer benefiting from the Renewable Heat Incentive payments for 7 years
  • Solar PV Feed-in tariff payments for 20 years (inflation adjusted)
  • Underfloor heating and floor insulation throughout the property
  • High efficiency hot water tank

Mr Chaggar from Ealing, London not only benefits from a well insulated home but he and his family can utilise renewable heating and electricity both produced on site. As the home is fairly new and has been insulated throughout, which means it requires less amount of energy to provide for the needs of the people residing there.

Mr Chagger used TheGreenAge’s partner Complete Plumbing Clean Energy (CPCE) to carry out the work on the heating and solar PV system. CPCE provide a high level of precision and engineering expertise to deliver projects of this type.

By combining electricity produced on site means that some of this energy is then used to power the compressor on the air source heat pump, there is little use for gas central in this instance.

The installation includes the following:

    • Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump
    • Underfloor heating throughout the property
    • 1kWp Bisol solar PV system
    • High efficiency hot water tank

Grants and Subsidy benefits to the customer

  • Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments for producing renewable hot water on the air source heat pump;
  • Feed-in Tariff payments for the electricity produced and exported by the solar PV system

While there is an upfront cost component to paying for the solar PV and the air source heat pump, because of the Government subsidies available, the cost should be recovered within the first 7-8 years on both systems. While there isn’t Green Deal Finance help on the air source heat pump (due to the RHI), customer can get help from this funding for a solar PV system.

To claim the RHI, and potentially get some funding from Green Deal Finance for solar PV, the customer has to have a Green Deal Assessment (carried out here by us, TheGreenAge) and have an MCS certificate produced by the installer (produced by CPCE).