Boiler & Flue Gas Heat Recovery System – South London
  • New Boiler & Flue Gas Heat Recovery System Installed with £1,500 Government cashback.
  • The Nest Intelligent thermostat was installed.
  • To save space in the property, the boiler was situated externally. It was housed in an insulated cupboard built for that specific purpose.

With the help of our installation partner, this boiler was installed in South London under the Government’s Green Deal Home Improvement Fund, which allowed Linda (the customer) to access £1,500 worth of Government cashback towards the cost of the new boiler. The Green Deal in this case has significantly reduced the cost of the install to ensure that it was cost effective for the customer, and without it, the cost of the job would have been prohibitively more expensive. Linda also had an option to take out Green Deal finance, which can also reduce the upfront cost – however this option wasn’t taken-up this time.

The installation of this new Baxi combi boiler (including the flue gas heat recovery system) has taken the energy efficiency of the property from 46 on the EPC up to 55. In addition as part of the boiler install a Nest intelligent thermostat was also installed. This really is a neat piece of kit, allowing the customer to control the room temperature and the heating on & off times through an application over the internet. So, if you are on holiday and forgotten to turn your heating off, then you can use this thermostat stop you worrying.

It is estimated that the new heating controls along with the new heating system will save Linda approximately £118 per year – without taking into account any future energy price rises

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