External Wall Insulation – East London
  • The house was fitted with 10cm thick EPS insulating board.
  • It was finished with a coloured silicate render - ensuring a long maintenance free lifespan.
  • The job was funded in conjunction with the £6,000 GDHIF grant, so the final cost to the customer just £2,000.

Mr Mincher benefitted from the Government Green Deal Home Improvement Fund Grant, providing £6,000 towards the total cost of the works.

The house in Greenwich was insulated with 10cm thick EPS insulation boards and then rendered with a silicate render. The External Wall Insulation (EWI) system used was the Kreisel System, which is an approved Green Deal system.

Adding the 10cm of insulation to the walls resulted in a u-value of 0.27W/m2k, which is comparable with brand new cavity walls built today. 

It is estimated that this will save Mr Mincher over £180 a year (and it is worth noting that he is a low energy user) without taking into account any future energy price rises despite the fact in cash terms energy prices have doubled over the last 7 years.

In the following photos, you can see the transformation of the property over the course of the week.

Pre Install

Pre Install


Mayday Gardens during EWI installFinished house with coloured render finish.