External Solid Wall Insulation, Barking – East London
  • 100mm of EPS, external solid wall insulation system, installed on all three sides of a semi-detached property
  • The system was finished using a clean and sharp, white silicone silicate render.
  • Estimated savings of £300/year on the customer's heating bills.
  • Remarkable revitalisation in property appearance - boosting market value by 10%.

When we first visited this 1930’s semi-detached, it looked tired and rundown. The first floor render was chipped and in need of serious repair, while the brickwork on the ground floor was being weathered and in a poor state.

From a energy point of view, the property was losing heat rapidly through each of the three walls meaning bills were high and comfort was low. The old solid walls had a U-Value of around 2.7W/m2k, so the customer frequently complained about being cold and damp. However, our installation of external solid wall insulation brought about a new U-Value of 0.27W/m2k, which is better than current building regulations.

What External Solid Wall Insulation system was used?

We decided to insulate the property with 100mm of EPS – expanded polystyrene – insulation with a Silicon Silicate render. This completes a breathable system with incredible results. This external solid wall insulation system transforms the U-Value of the walls from 2.7W/m2k down to just 0.27W/m2k – for all who don’t know about U-Values and the what they mean, it simply means that the property is now more insulated than a brand new house built with cavity walls. The Silicon Silicate render provides a fantastic finish, makes the property look new again and has many of other advantages including the following:

    • Breathable system
    • Impact resistant
    • Durable – the render is 1.5mm thick.
    • Great value – quick payment

The job took just under two weeks to carry out this external solid wall insulation, with all pipework and fixings extended to maintain the thickness of insulation across the property and minimise thermal bridging. We ensured that waste pipes were only out of action for a 24 hour period to minimise the inconvenience on the household.