External Solid Wall Insulation – Ealing, London
  • Saving £150-£200 on energy bills
  • Kreisel EWI system guaranteed for 25yrs
  • Warmer and cosier home

Ealing is a fairly central part of London and most of the houses there were built over 100 years ago, and most of these homes were constructed with solid 220mm brick walls. According to the Energy Saving Trust, uninsulated solid walls can account up to 35% of total heat loss, therefore addressing this area can make a big impact on the energy efficiency of the property.

The Elsley’s are benefiting from a much more insulated household, having installed external wall insulation to the back of their mid-terrace home. Most of you may think that mid-terrace properties are ok  in terms of keeping the heat as they only have two exposed walls  – while some of that is very true, as you can see the back of the house has in fact 3 exposed walls and if left uninsulated the heat just escapes and the property is not comfortable to live in.

Here, 100mm of Kreisel EPS solid wall insulation was used to insulate the external walls. The insulation boards stuck on with adhesive and are then mechanically fixed to the outside brick, held together by plastic caps. Once the boards are put in place they are then rendered over and finished with the waterproof top-coat.

The Elsley’s were pleased to have received some help from the Government grant, which was available to a limited number of applicants in 2014, with the rest of the project being self-funded.

According to the EPC report that was conducted before the installation date, the Elsley’s should save in the region of £200-£250 on their annual heating bills and as well as that should have a much cosier and warmer home.