Free insulation for low income households

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a government scheme making large energy suppliers responsible for installing home efficiency measures. This aims to combat fuel poverty and reduce carbon emissions, by installing free insulation for those who need it most.

Although definitions vary in England, Wales and Scotland, a household is considered fuel poor if it does not have enough money for fuel to heat their home to a healthy temperature. This can be due to low income, inefficient buildings, or both.

The Government have announced that in 2017, there will be big changes to the scheme. One of these is that for the first time, HHCRO (also known as ‘Affordable Warmth’) is going to include social housing. Qualifying residents in some areas will be eligible for free insulation, new boilers and more.

Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation (HHCRO)

Under the HHCRO, low-income households have benefited from free or heavily discounted home improvements such as insulation and new boilers. Those classed as vulnerable – and therefore qualifying – included pensioners, low income families, those with disabilities or on benefits. However, HHCRO did not include social housing tenants, who are often the most in need of warmer homes and lower bills. From April 2017, this changes, when ‘Help to Heat’ is launched. It means that thousands of people in the UK could have more comfortable, efficient homes in time for next winter.

If you’re not sure if you qualify for the measure, you can speak to Ofgem, or speak to a local ECO provider offering funding in your area.

What Measures Are Eligible For HHCRO?

We can only tell you what has happened as part of ECO2, because the new batch of ECO funding has not had this defined as far as we can tell. Whilst there is a huge range of measure that are eligible, in practicality only a few of these are actually being installed in any significant volume. Insulation, that is solid wall insulation and loft, as well as boilers. If you are looking for solar or heat pumps, or floor insulation for example, then you are probably going to be disappointed. There are several reasons why these measures, although eligible, have never really had any take up in the market. But if you are in one of the qualifying categories and need insulation or a boiler, then HHCRO may be able to help.

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