Get rid of damp with infrared heating

Damp in your home can be really frustrating. It can also be really hard to get rid of once it has settled into walls. Sometimes it is caused by condensation arising from poor ventilation, but sometimes the problem comes from inside the walls. Either way, you are likely to experience ugly patches of mould on your walls. Spores from mould contribute to indoor air pollution can directly affect your health. It can make decorating difficult and also lead to structural issues if left untreated. If you’ve tried everything and there are patches of damp you can’t get rid of, we have something you could try.

What is infrared heating?

Infrared heating panels work through radiation. Unlike convection (from central heating systems and storage heaters), radiation heats objects rather than air space. It travels through space warming you, furniture, walls and floors. This means that no energy (and therefore money) is wasted heating air which then escapes through the thermal envelope of your home over time.

When the panels are turned on, they power-up pretty quickly and will heat the objects in the near vicinity. If the panels then stay on for 15-30mins continuously, they will not only heat the objects in the heating range, but should also help the room reach its thermal mass. When the room reaches thermal mass potential (i.e. the building fabric has absorbed enough warmth), the consumer should also receive the benefits of secondary infrared heating via the walls, floors and other physical objects.

Don’t worry, all this is 100% safe! Infrared heating occurs in the natural world every day, and our sun is the perfect example of this heating transfer.

How can infrared heating reduce damp?

The nature of radiant heat means it penetrates walls and continues to warm them even after the heating is turned off. Because infrared heat dries out walls from the inside, it eliminates localised damp. With infrared heating, you can wave goodbye to damp once and for all. However, it’s worth pointing out at this point that unless the root cause of damp is treated, it will keep coming back. Once you have found and rectified the source of the problem, infrared will get rid of damp for good. This is just one of many reasons why we recommend infrared heating…

What are the other benefits of infrared heating?

Apart from the fantastic benefits brought out in the earlier part of the article, the advantages of infrared do not end here. Here are some other advantages of the infrared system:

    • heat is almost instant
    • costs are lower than electric convection heating
    • low maintenance
    • discreet
    • stylish

Another key thing – while other electric heating solutions like storage heaters rely on Economy 7 and operate less effectively at times when we require heating the most (during the winter evenings), infrared could be the perfect solution that overcomes some of these factors.

So there you have it – infrared heating doesn’t just get rid of damp – it’s the most efficient form of heating available. When looking to treat damp, also take the opportunity to modernise, increase efficiency and cut heating bills!

Installing infrared heating

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