GreenAge Plus Energy Surveys – a service tailored to your home!

In the aftermath of the Green Deal being canned by the Government in 2015 we are pleased to announce that we are still offering free and up to date energy saving advice across TheGreenAge website as well as tailored energy saving assessments via our GreenAge Plus (+) surveys.

Get a tailored energy survey for your home – GreenAge Plus

The GreenAge Plus (+) is the perfect answer for those looking to get a personalised professional view on how to increase the energy efficiency of their home. During these surveys we look at the entire envelope of the home, which includes the walls, floors and roof as well as the windows and doors. We provide a view on the u-value of the existing walls and what would be required to get them to adhere to today’s building regulations in terms of additional insulation.

We will talk you through the different types of heating system available from unvented Megaflo systems to combi boilers as well as the newer renewable heating systems like biomass boilers and heat pumps.

When we are looking at heating systems, we will also discuss and calculate the kind of returns you can expect to see depending on the system you favour. This includes the full RHI calculations for the renewable heating systems. Obviously as soon as you look past a traditional gas boiler the cost of these heating systems increases, but in some circumstances the return (once the RHI is taken into account) makes these renewable heating systems a very attractive investment – especially if the heat demand of the property is large and the house has no access to mains gas.

During these GreenAge Plus surveys we talk you through the other renewable energy production methods if of interest including solar PV, wind and even micro – hydroelectric. Again we can give you a view on the sort of return on investment you can expect to make from these renewable systems.

Finally we will look through energy bills, explain how they work and what you can do around the house to minimise your bills going forward including everyday tips that will save you £100s on your energy bills every year.

We can help find fully qualified, great value installers

After the assessment we will provide a full written report on your house and then if you would like to take any of our recommendations forward we will provide 3 of our local installer teams to provide competitive quotes to carry out the works. Obviously if you would like to do this yourself then that is not a problem, and likewise we always recommend getting your own quotes on top of anything we provide to ensure you are getting good value for money. All of our network of installers are fully qualified to install all the measures we recommend, carrying certifications like MCS for solar installs, FENSA for doors and windows and Gas Safe for boilers.

Save energy to become more sustainable for the future

As energy prices continue to rise there has never been a better time to try to make your home more energy efficient. It might be that you have recently moved in to a new home and want to get a view on what areas to target before undertaking any major works to prevent paying out again in the future. It might be that you are just sick of your home getting cold during the winter months or it might be that you are struggling more and more to cover the cost of your energy bills. TheGreenAge is here to help, and with the GreenAge Plus surveys you will get an action plan bespoke to your home to help prepare yourself for the future. So while it is bad news the Green Deal has gone for homeowners, give us a call now and see what we can do to help you improve the thermal performance of your home!

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GreenAge Plus (+) Sample Energy Report

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Getting a GreenAge Plus survey

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