Heating a church with infrared

Churches are often big, draughty spaces with inadequate or inefficient heating. Their high ceilings and stone walls may be beautiful, but they are difficult to heat. The other thing about churches is that they have been constructed with traditional brick or building fabric, and due to the exposed areas, it becomes quite tricky to uniformly heat throughout. One option to consider is heating a church with infrared.

Infrared technology – the efficient choice

Infrared panels are the perfect choice for big buildings because no money is wasted heating vast quantities of air. Because infrared works through radiation, and not convection like traditional central heating systems, it heats people directly, as well as walls and floors. It also retains this heat and continues to release it even after heating is turned off. It’s a completely safe form of radiation – the same that heats you when the sun is shining.

Infrared looks discreet

Another difficulty with heating churches is that many of them are listed, and therefore subject to building controls. Infrared heating is that the panels make minimal changes to the appearance of the building. They lie flat across the wall and are available in plain white, glass or mirror effect.

Infrared can help preserve buildings

Many churches have been around for hundreds of years and need to be preserved for future generations. With infrared, there’s no danger of leaking plumbing damaging walls or the precious contents of the church. Unlike central heating systems, infrared panels are simply wired into the mains, so there’s no pipework. They prevent damp and mould forming, keeping walls warm so condensation doesn’t form. Another particularly niche advantage of infrared in churches is that it won’t affect the conditions required for preserving the organ, as it does not promote humidity.

Infrared heating is user-friendly

Infrared heating is also really easy to use. Used alongside a smart heating system, they can be controlled remotely, meaning on-one has to keep popping in to turn the heating on in time for services. The panels give off heat almost instantly, with rays travelling through space and hitting anyone in their path.

The panels are quick to install, so would cause minimal disruption to a congregation.There is also little maintenance required once they’re fitted.

Perhaps best of all, infrared heating is cheap to run. It is more efficient than radiators and storage heaters for the simple fact that it doesn’t waste money heating dead space. It can really cut bills while contributing to a more comfortable environment.

Installing infrared heating

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