Is infrared the best way to heat your home office?

These days, more and more people are working from home. Whilst this brings some advantages, it can be difficult to build an environment which enables you to work the best you can. Getting the room to a comfortable temperature is key.

For home offices, infrared panels are a great way to heat your home office. Before explaining why, let us give you a quick introduction to infrared

What is infrared heating?

When you feel warmth from the sun, that’s the work of infrared rays. However, unlike harmful UV rays, infrared is a completely safe kind of radiation. In heating, the panels work through mains electricity and emit infrared rays, delivering targeted warmth. As infrared heats solid objects directly, you won’t waste money and energy heating air space, unlike with traditional convection heating. Thermostats can be set lower as a result.

We’d recommend installing infrared in every room, but here’s why your home office is a good place to start.

Why is infrared heating a good way to heat your home office?

With gas heating, it can be hard to get every room the temperature you want – because usually you only have one thermostat. Infrared, however, is great for localised heating; say for example it’s a cold day in the summer and it’s not worth heating your whole house, but as you’re going to be sitting down static for most of the day, you need a bit of extra heat in the room you’re in. You could just switch on one panel in your home office and it will warm you up nicely.

Because infrared heats solid objects rather than the air, it won’t make rooms stuffy. You can even keep a window open without it affecting the temperature, as it’s not impacted by draughts. So you can have nice fresh air and a comfortable ambient temperature, helping you to stay focused.

You’ll feel warmth straight away and the whole room should heat up within 15 minutes of switching panels on. As well as warming you directly, it’ll heat walls, floors and furniture and they’ll continue to release heat back into the room after heaters are turned off.

Infrared allows you to heat your home office to a comfortable temperature without fuss.

Infrared heating panels are efficient

Infrared heats powerfully and the science behind the technology means it’s efficient and not wasteful. You won’t have to pay to move hot water through pipes or to heat air which then rises out of your roof. As well as being cheap to run, it’s inexpensive to install- some models start at around £100 and individual panels can just be plugged in to the mains. This means you could get a freestanding panel and move it around where it’s needed. In the long term though, we’d recommend having them wired in.

Why not think outside the box and heat your home office with far infrared technology?

Heating your home office with infrared panels

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