Replacing your oil boiler with infrared heating

You may have an oil boiler if you live in a rural property. Unlike electricity, gas is not a given everywhere in the UK, and some small towns are without a gas network. It can be frustrating to be lumbered with dated, inefficient technology. Whether you bought your house with an oil boiler already installed, or you had no other option when you chose it, you may be looking for a change. Replacing your oil boiler with infrared heating is a great option.

There are two types of oil boiler:

  1. Old fashioned, with a traditional flue
  2. Modern condensing boiler

If you fall into the first category, your oil boiler is probably pretty inefficient, so you should think about replacing it. If you’re in category 2, your newer boiler should be fairly efficient. It might not be worth replacing as the oil price is ok at the moment, therefore running costs are currently not too bad.

What can I replace my oil boiler with?

You should definitely consider replacing your oil boiler with infrared heating. It may be that installing a central heating system in your home is not an option. You’ll have electricity wherever you are, so your rural location won’t stop you running infrared. It can work just as well, if not better, than a central heating system. Infrared rays heat up objects and people in their path, rather than the air, so they’re much more efficient than radiators or electric heaters. If you have an electricity supply, you can have the infrared panels wired in quite simply and control them with a smart thermostat for maximum efficiency.

Why is infrared heating a good alternative to an oil boiler?

Oil prices are volatile, so the running costs of an oil boiler will go up and down and it’s out of your control. The running costs of infrared are low, dependent only on your electricity tariff. Aside from being more efficient, infrared also does away with several of the other downsides of oil heating. There’s no need for a massive ugly oil tank in your garden – infrared panels hang discreetly on the wall. They can be glass or mirror effect, or look like a plain white canvas. With infrared, maintenance is pretty much non-existent, in contrast to having to top up the oil in your tank.

Add to this that oil is filthy – it is a major contributor to climate change and pollutes the air you breathe. Oil is a resource that we shouldn’t really be using unless entirely necessary.

Infrared is the modern heating choice

Infrared heats through (safe) radiation, rather than convection, meaning that it heats objects and people directly. Unlike other heaters, it doesn’t waste money heating air, which just escapes over time. Infrared panels also heat up almost instantly, meaning you feel the benefit much more quickly than with radiators.

You’ll also need a source of hot water!


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