Review – British Gas Hive Active Heating

Is British Gas Hive Any Good?

There have been a lot of adverts on television at the moment regarding Hive – the new Active heating kit from British Gas.

Included in your Hive Active Heating Kit is a thermostat (wireless), a hub that plugs into your broadband router, and allows you to control the wireless thermostat, and a receiver that gets installed close to the boiler (by a qualified engineer).

The Hive app, brings this all together allowing households to control their heating from (in theory) anywhere in the world. So if you happen to be out and about and want to get home to a toasty warm house, then you simply log into the software on your phone – both Android and iPhone, and turn up the heating.

Why is Hive Active Heating necessary?

When we are talking to customers, a lot of people don’t fully appreciate the need for a thermostat. If you set about insulating your home to the recommended levels, for example 270mm of loft insulation, cavity or solid wall insulation, draught proof the property and put double glazing in, then you could save your self a lot of money on your heating bills.

The only way you are going to see the savings though is by putting down the heating, otherwise you are going to spend a great deal of money, and your home is just going to get very warm. The whole point of energy efficiency is allowing you to live life the same, but using less energy to do so. So in the home, that means the temperature needs to stay the same as it was prior to installing the insulation and as a result of the insulation, you will need less gas (or other kind of heating) to maintain the temperature.

A thermostat allows you to do just that, and a wireless thermostat is even better – since you can move it around the home to the most effective place. For example positioning a thermostat in a corridor by the front door means that every time the door opens, cold air will rush into the home and fire up the boiler, when potentially this is just not needed.

Furthermore, British Gas have enabled homeowners to control this thermostat from anywhere via 3g on their phone and the Hive Active Heating App. This gives the household unprecedented control over the heating of their home.

Forgot to turn the heating off, just as you arrive at the airport for a two-week holiday?

No problem! Simply log in, and turn the thermostat down. No more wasting energy unnecessarily.

How could Hive be improved? Click page 2 below to find out!

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