Review – British Gas Hive Active Heating

Where could Hive Active Heating be improved?

I really like the Hive system – and I think British Gas is worthy of applause in pushing this kind of technology. You can look over to the USA where Google have just bought Nest for $3.2bn to see the potential of the ‘intelligent thermostat’.

I do however think they are missing a trick. Yes, you can control the heating in your home from anywhere, but surely to give complete heating control you need to be able to adjust room by room.

99% of homes in the UK are heated using radiators. Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) can be installed on each radiator to allow you control the temperatures of individual rooms. Why then have British Gas and their Hive Active Heating system not incorporated automated TRVs in the setup.

Granted – this level of control might be too much for some people, like a TV remote with too many buttons, but the kind of person attracted to this type of technology in my opinion is already going to be tech savvy.

An app on the phone, allowing control of the heating system is not going to appeal to an 80-year-old pensioner, it is going to appeal to the PlayStation playing 30 / 40 something.

Consider the Heat Genius Heating System as an Alternative

Take the Heat Genius heating control system for example – it allows you to do exactly that, so it comes with all the Hive Active heating kit, but then has individual room sensors and thermostats to allow you to fine tune your heating system even further – The tighter the control available, the larger the potential energy savings.

So yes, Heat Genius don’t have the same reputation as British Gas, but they have taken the heating system to the next level.

In Summary

Thermostats are a necessary part of home heating system – without them you can’t realise the energy savings that should result from increased levels of insulation, draught proofing and double-glazing. The Hive Active heating system from British Gas is great; it will no doubt save you money – provided you don’t have a brand new thermostat already.

There are however already more accomplished heating control solutions out there, it just appears they might not be able to fend off the British Gas marketing department!

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