The Green Room: Episode 9 – Loft Insulation (The Insulation Masterclass Series Pt 1)


The Green Room: What happens when you put two sustainability experts in a room and ask them about loft insulation? We’re talking warm lofts, cold lofts, big lofts, small lofts, and all lofts in between. What kind of loft insulation should you use? How should you install it? Is loft insulation worth it?

Loft insulation is a fantastic insulation measure, cheap to install and easy to put in the attic area. Without proper loft insulation, a lot of the warmth produced by your heating system escapes through the roof of your property; in fact, as much as 25% of the heat in an uninsulated house is lost in this way. Loft insulation acts as a barrier, slowing the movement of heat out of the property during the winter and into the property during the summer.

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