10 Tips for Staying Cool This Summer (Without The Energy Bills)
  1. Lightweight cotton linens are perfect for hot, muggy nights because they’re breathable enough to stop you getting hot and sweaty. For extra comfort, put them in the freezer (in a ziplock bag) for a few minutes before bed.
  2. Hanging a wet sheet in front of an open window will chill the air flow coming in from outside (and it’s a great way to dry your washing without using the tumble dryer – double win!)
  3. While we’re sure that you’re ever so lovely the way the nature intended, your birthday suit might not be the best pajamas for weather. When you’re in the buff the sweat you produce stays on your body, making you feel clammy and uncomfortable; better to go for thin, loose fitting cottons. Bonus: there’s not risk of an awkward encounter with your flatmate when you pop to the loo in the night, forgetting to dress first. This may or may not be based on real events.
  4. Putting a bowl of ice in front of your fan will make the whole thing more efficient. It’s also worth thinking about where you’re positioning your fan; if you’re me then you’re mostly inclined to position it directly in front of your face because this weather is hell, but actually this isn’t the best way. Putting it opposite an open window should create a cooling cross-breeze where the air flow from the window hits the airflow from the fan. That’s the sweet spot – set yourself there and don’t move until the autumn.
  5. If you don’t have the time for a cold shower before bed, dunking your feet in a basin of cold water can be enough to cool your whole body down.
  6. Dig out your hot water bottle, its work is not done! Filled with cold water and popped in the freezer, it makes the perfect ice-pack to use in bed.
  7. Oh clever you, you remembered to put an ice pack in the freezer last night to use today! Use it on your neck or forehead, but remember to wrap it in a tea towel first to avoid freezer burn. Alternatively, you can make you own by putting some washing up liquid in a water tight bag and putting in the freezer – because the soap will not freeze solid the result is a versatile, malleable cold compress that you can slip under your pillow or apply to your body.
  8. This is the time of year when some of the best fruit and veg is available at the best price. Take advantage of it by creating no-cook cold meals and avoid filling your kitchen with oven/stove heat. I’m aiming this specifically at my grandmother, who makes me spend hours over a vat of boiling sugar to make marmalade every summer.
  9. As we all remember from primary school science, heat rises. If you normally sleep in the attic room but you’ve got a guest bedroom on the ground floor, it’s time to move in for the summer.
  10. Plan your day according to the heat – if you’re thinking of going for a run then the middle of the day is not the best time to do it, but it might be the ideal time to have pegged up that fresh laundry. The day tends to be at its hottest between 10am and 3pm, so get that laundry out before the heat sets in.

Of course if that all fails, we suggest that you just eat ice-cream and drink frozen margaritas until you’ve cooled down.


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