Have a voucher for solid wall insulation? Get additional quotes!

The rush to grab a GDHIF voucher for solid wall insulation was pretty intense. We witnessed first hand the volume of people coming through trying to get works carried out under the scheme, but it was pretty difficult for us to keep up with the demand! I think the vouchers lasted just 12 days this time – which is 12 times longer than last time, but still not too long!

What it meant was that people were desperately ringing around companies to get quotes / EPC / Green Deal so they could get their GDHIF voucher claim in.

As such, the companies that ended up providing these services weren’t always the ones that in an ideal world would be chosen!

The good news is that if you find yourself in this situation it is not a problem. Under the GDHIF scheme you are free to move your voucher over to another installer, with no risk of losing it. Since getting solid wall insulation on your home isn’t cheap, it is definitely worth getting a few quotes to make sure your installer is providing you with something competitive.

We can provide free, no obligation quotes for solid wall insulation

As you may know we have teamed up with BeConstructive who are one of the leading solid wall insulation installers here in London, operating under the Green Deal and Home Improvement scheme.

If you would like a free, no obligation comparison quote then give us a call! We can come out to your property at a time to suit you and provide you with an additional quote even if it is simply to act as a comparison (although our awesome team, our great level of customer service and our competitive prices might be enough to sway you!).

Solid wall insulation is one of the only energy saving measures open to those that live in older properties and so the GDHIF scheme really helps make it more cost effective for those looking to install.

Despite the new Government, GDHIF will be back in June/ July 2015

If you already have the voucher then that is great, but what about for those that don’t? We understand from sources in DECC that GDHIF will be back despite the changes in Government over the last couple of weeks.

Act fast – have your quote and EPC ready for GDHIF phase 4!

Therefore now is the time to act – under the last 3 phases of the scheme, you have required an EPC / Green Deal report dated within the last 2 years and a valid quote from a solid wall installer operating under the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund scheme. We are expecting these requirements to remain unchanged therefore it is worth getting everything sorted now so ahead of the new tranche of funding you are all ready to go.

Honestly, it is worth doing because we expect the race to get the voucher to be just as competitive as last time, so if you act now you will be well ahead of the game and you can make sure you are going to get the best possible install.

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