8 Best Websites for Eco-Friendly Gifts

1. Protect the Planet

Protect the Planet are a truly ecological gifts company, who’s products are all either made in the UK, made of FSC wood, recycle/reduce/reuse, energy saving, ethically made, organic, protect British wildlife, or sustainable. Their recycled office products are office favourites here at GreenAge HQ.

2. Ethical Shop


The Ethical Sop source items from dozens of suppliers and manufacturers, following the ethos of responsible sourcing and ethical gifting. On top of that, a significant portion of their profits go towards raising money for charities and campaigning groups.

3. Traidcraft

Tradecraft are famous for their early adoption and advocation of fair trade products, championing sustainability and transparency for farmers and artisans across the world. Their product offering also includes a great range of recycled and re-purposed gifts.

4. Green Tulip

Green Tulip is an ethical and environmental webshop which has found huge success since it’s creation in 2006. As well as the usual item descriptions, Green Tulip products all have icons indicating which of their six ethical categories it falls into, making it a simple and straightforward shopping experience, and ensuring that you know exactly what it is that you’re buying.

5. The Wise House

With a name like ‘The Wise House’ and the tagline ‘Making it easier to be eco’, this little shop based out of London is a family inspired, grass roots operation with a huge amount of heart and integrity. Their products cover the kitchen, bathroom, and wardrobe, and if you’re anywhere near Hampton then they invite you to go and check out their stockroom in person.

6. Wearth 

Even though it’s only a year old, Weath has quickly carved out a niche for itself in the sustainability sector with it’s focus on high-end design as well as ethical sourcing. With around 80% of their products also being manufactured right here in the UK, they also provide an excellent opportunity to buy local and support the local economy.

7. Yours Sustainably

Run by mother and daughter team, Lynn and Jessica, Yours Sustainably source items from around the world, based on the idea that stopping for ethical and environmentally friendly goods shouldn’t mean compromising on style or function. Their vision of positive consumerism and the unique collection of products they offer makes their shop a rare gem.

8. Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth are a shop based around helping the environment, supporting small businesses and craftspeople, and funding a variety of ecological campaigns. With so many suppliers of sustainable and artisanal products, they have a wide selection of items that you just won’t find anywhere else.

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