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At TheGreenAge we have being carrying out energy surveys for the last 5 years. We carry out Energy performance certificates (EPCs) across London and we also carry out Green Deal Assessments. The Green Deal assessment is a requirement for those looking to access Green Deal finance or take advantage of the Renewable heat incentive but it also can be used as a tool for those looking to carry out energy efficiency retrofit works on their properties.

All our assessors are fully trained and certified under the Stroma certification body. We ensure that all assessors also receive our additional training to ensure they are fully up to date with the latest energy saving tips and tricks when they come to your property. Whether you are looking for advice on a new heating system or you want to stop your home be cool during the winter months, our friendly team of assessors are just the people to speak to!

If you are looking for an extra level of advice and extended support until you get your heating / insulation systems installed we do offer a GreenAge + survey. This includes the standard Green Deal report and EPC, as well as tailored advice including solar PV sizing, RHI calculations to estimate return on investment as well as u-value calculations on the entire property to see the areas that need to be targeted to help reduce the home’s energy demand, we will also help you get quotes for any work. Only 3 of our assessors are able to carry out the GreenAge + survey and demand tends to be high, so if you would like to book one of these surveys do expect a 2-3 week lead time.

We also offer both EWI surveys and boiler servicing.

Book An Energy Assessment (EPC)

Book an residential EPC today! TheGreenAge provides EPCs across London and the surrounding counties from just £45 + VAT. 24 hour turnaround!

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Book a GreenAge Plus Home Energy Survey

Looking for a more detailed energy survey to be carried out on your home? Try our GreenAge Plus Home energy survey. From just £199 + VAT, get all the information you need!

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Book A SAP Assessment

Book a SAP assessment today! We offer SAP assessments across London and the surrounding counties from just £99 + VAT. Reports turned around in 24 hours!

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