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UPDATE: As of 30 March 2016, the government has stopped funding and the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund is closed to new applications. You can read about it here.

Interested in getting your walls insulated?

Did you know that 35% of heat is lost through the walls of a property! By insulating the walls, you can dramatically decrease the amount of heat loss, and in doing so you should also see dramatic savings on your energy bills.

If you live in London or the surrounding counties, we can now offer you a £6,000 grant towards the cost of getting your walls insulated.

To give you a bit of background there are two types of wall: solid walls – which are typically found on properties built prior to 1930; and cavity walls that have been used to construct homes since the 1930’s.

If you don’t know exactly what you have in your home, take a look at the brickwork from the outside of your property – if all the bricks are the same size (they are all long bricks) then the chances are you have cavity walls. If you can see a mixture of half bricks and long bricks then the chances are you have solid walls. Take a look at the diagram below so you know what to look for.

cavity wall versus solid brick wall


The Process of Insulating Walls

The process of insulating cavity and solid walls are very different.

Insulating a Cavity Wall

Cavity walls, like the name suggests, have a big air gap between the two skins of material (layer of brick on the outside and a layer of breezeblock on the inside) – and so when these are insulated, the cavity is simply injected with insulating material to dramatically reduce heat loss.

The actual process involves drilling a series of non-intrusive holes in the walls of your home to allow the material to be injected. At the end of the cavity wall insulation process, you should not be able to see any visible difference, however the walls will now be far more effective at slowing the movement of heat out of the house in the winter and into the house during the summer.

Insulating Solid Brick Walls

Insulating solid walls is unfortunately a much more complicated process, but as we will demonstrate, well worth doing. There is no gap between the two skins of brick, so instead you need to add an insulating material either to the outside or the inside of the walls. This is, as you can imagine, a far more complicated process – and if done internally will reduce the size of the room and obviously require redecoration. However the big payback here is that you will have a much more cosy home.

If done externally, solid wall insulation will dramatically change the appearance of the property, as typically solid wall insulation will give you a rendered finish, which means that the look of whatever you are covering will be lost, but the great piece of news is that the property will become well insulated and therefore it will cost far less to heat. You can see for yourself what this looks like by taking a look at this case study.

Although solid wall insulation is now considered ‘permitted development’ you may still require going through a registration process with your local authority, so we recommend checking with them first before doing anything else.

What is the cost of cavity wall insulation?

Cavity wall insulation if paid for outright costs about £10/m2, however if you live in London (+ the surrounding areas), we are able to offer this either for free (depending on your postcode) or just £100 as a result of Government subsidies.

There genuinely are no strings attached here – so fill in the form below and we will contact you and get this sorted – in most cases, it takes about 10 working days from initial contact to the insulation being installed.

What is the cost of Solid Wall Insulation?

Solid wall insulation, as you might expect costs a lot more than cavity wall insulation, in fact you can estimate the cost of the works yourself by multiplying the amount of external wall area by £90/m2. Do not include party walls as they don’t need to be insulated.

There is good news however! The Government are now offering a grant up to a maximum of £6,000 to help insulate solid wall properties.

For this to be applicable, over 50% of the house needs to be insulated (remember they will only insulate heat loss walls – there is not heat loss between the adjoining walls in a terraced house for example!). This grant is allowed to cover a maximum of 75% of the works, therefore for a job that costs £4,000 – £3,000 could be in the form of the grant and you would need to pay the other £1,000 (although you could use the Green Deal to pay for this). If the job costs £8,000 or more you will be entitled to the full £6,000 Government cashback simply for insulating the house – remember, you can pay the difference with Green Deal finance so in potentially there is zero up front cost for you to get this work done.

In addition, many homes will get a mix of internal and external wall insulation to make the 50% in what is known as a hybrid system, for example for those of you that want to keep the brick look on the front of the property, you might opt for internal wall insulation, but then insulate externally on the back.

How can I register for wall insulation?

We work closely with qualified installers across London for both cavity and solid wall insulation. We will be your point of contact for the whole process from start to finish, and you can be assured that the work will be done in a timely and professional manner. So join thousands of other customers and insulate your walls today with TheGreenAge – helping homes and business become more energy efficient.

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