How a Conservatory can Affect your EPC Rating

We have been getting enquiries regarding the impact of a conservatory on the Energy Performance Certificate EPC rating. With EPC ratings becoming more important for rental properties with the introduction of MEES legislation, we think it is a good time to take a look at how important a conservatory is to an EPC and what you can do to increase efficiency.

How Separated Conservatories Affect Your EPC Rating

The first thing to note is that if you have a separated conservatory, then it will have no real impact on the EPC rating, whether it is heated, unheated, double glazed or single. If the wall separating the conservatory to the main building has a quality door (which means a door that would otherwise be used to open to the outside), then it is not considered in the calculation for the rating. The assessor will, however, confirm the presence of the conservatory as part of the EPC survey.

How Integrated Conservatories Affect Your EPC Rating

The only time that the conservatory is really going to make a difference to the rating is where there is no separation with the main building. In this case, the assessor will actually measure up the area of the conservatory and work out the length of its exposed perimeter. The assessor will also tick a box in the software to confirm whether the conservatory is double or single glazed.

The actual difference this makes to the final rating is fairly small, and will likely change the final rating figure by just a point or two.  Of course, if you have a very large conservatory in comparison to the rest of the dwelling, then it may factor in a little more.

Should you upgrade your conservatory for your EPC rating?

For the vast majority of people with conservatories, the answer will be no. If the conservatory is integrated as above and has single glazing, and you need you a point or two to get to a higher rating band, and there are no other obvious cheaper wins to get your rating up, then you might want to ask your assessor to see if some double glazing might be worthwhile for your conservatory. Don’t lose any sleep over it though!

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